All Nations Encounter School has had a rich history, training people from all walks of life to step into their destiny since fall of 2006. We are excited to make our once a week, night school available to everyone! Sign up today and go on an adventure with God!


All Nations Ecounter School is a 10 week school
starting April 7th to June 9th. Classes are every Wednesday from 6:00-9:00 pm.
This school will have a special emphasis on receiving and carrying an encounter with God.


We create students who are passionate about Jesus,
full of identity, supernaturally capable, and mandated to change the world.


At All Nations, our goal is to equip those who are hungry for more of God.
Here, we are inspiring people to be passionate about Jesus, grow in their identity in Christ,
become supernaturally capable, and mandated to change their world!
One thing we believe, is that every person is called to be a minister to their sphere of influence.
While here, students are trained to be led by the Holy Spirit and equipped to transform their world.


We are looking for students who are passionate about Jesus, wanting to be leaders, and hungry for more.
We are not looking for perfect students, but for those who want to be transformed
into all that God has called them to be. This is not just a "ministry school",
this is a place for the business man,
the college student, the stay at home mom, and everything in between.
We want you to know who you are in Jesus, understand the reality of the Kingdom of God,
and learn how to release it everywhere you go.


- You can expect to be part of a community of great people, and make new, lifelong friends.
We believe it is fun serving God, and have an atmosphere that helps build lasting friendships.

- There will be a variety of experienced staff, teachers, and ministers that will share on a weekly basis.

- Everyone will participate in our “dwell" times of prayer and worship at the beginning of each class.

- Students will be scheduled to serve at our local conferences and outreaches.

- Expect to step out of your comfort zones and watch God meet you.
Students will see God do amazing things as our leadership team equips,
and encourages each student to take risks.

- Both students and staff are encouraged to always have a “yes” mentality.
We grow out of our insecurities and mature every time we obey.
Every yes to the Lord is another bridge built to know Him more.

- During the semester, the school will have opportunities to attend an mission trip together
to teach, evangelize, and serve a city/nation. We believe that when we go to the world
and apply what we have learned in the classroom it creates a healthier student that is changed for life!


Tutition Cost - $150.00


IN PERSON: Dwelling Place Church, 713 East Airtex Drive Houston, TX, 77073
ON THE PHONE: 281.821.2222 ext. 104