This Sunday we're bringing church to you! We'll have live praise and worship and
a live message. Join us online at 11AM on Facebook or YouTube.
Dwelling Place Church Family,
There are a few things we want to let you know, especially as they will impact this Sunday.

This Sunday, our DPC buildings will not be open for in-person services. Instead, we will be broadcasting our service into your home for an on-line Sunday. The reason for this is multifaceted, but here’s a brief summary:

Two of our media members have tested positive for COVID-19.  One of them is a staff member and is asymptomatic (meaning no symptoms). Another staff member who was not at church Sunday also tested positive. They are all doing very well. So, out of an abundance of care, we are having all of our media team leaders remain home and be tested. This leaves us feeling more comfortable to run an online service for this Sunday. We have no reason to believe there was spread at church on Sunday (one of them was not even present). As you are aware,  we have implemented social distancing protocol that in some ways is more than required.  We opened up a second venue to spread everyone out and widen our rows. We also have 3 chairs between the family groups, not just the required 2 chairs. This week our buildings have been deep cleaned and treated a with a microbial treatment that keeps killing viruses for up to 90 days. Our buildings are continuing to have UV lights installed to treat all the air being cycled through the a/c units. This is all over-and-above any legal requirements. Additionally, many of our staff have been tested and so far all have received negative results!  (Some of our staff and volunteers have not been able to get tested yet so we do not yet have all their information.) Pausing for this Sunday will allow us to get all results and respond accordingly.  The end result is we will have a smaller staff team on Sunday.  

We want you to know these measures are not legally required for us, but they extra safety measures we are taking to ensure DPC is a safe environment for you. We fully trust Jesus and see no reason to rush. Resting this Sunday will be great for our staff and volunteer families who have been putting in extra hours every Sunday with multiple services!  Let’s embrace some extra rest together as a community, and we will see you on-line this Sunday!

We love you.
-Pastor Randy and Lucie