In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

Ephesians 2:22

God’s presence is the heartbeat of our church. DWELL is what we call times when we gather with no agenda but to be in His presence. This came when the Lord asked us as a church "Will you be my dwelling place?" Since then, it has become our highest priority. There are many expressions of Dwell — we pray, worship, dance, meditate, read scripture... all of it with our focus on Him.

Everyone with a heart for God is welcome! You don’t have to be a professional singer or musician. You don’t need to be super spiritual or a ‘prayer person’. You don’t even have to know what to do. Just come and fix your focus on God. Anyone can touch Jesus.


Monday - 12PM open 65+ only.
Tuesday - 12PM open and live streamed on Facebook & YouTube.
Wednesday - 12PM Open.
- 12PM open and live streamed on Facebook & YouTube.
All Dwells are limited seating.
Tuesday & Thursday at 12PM in the auditorium.
Seating is limited and live stream is also available on Facebook & YouTube.


What is Dwell?
⁃ A time to pray, worship, & minister to the Lord.  
The key is our focus is on Him, other agendas are secondary.

What do I do?
⁃ Just come & sit in His presence.  
⁃ It’s a time to minister and focus on Jesus (look, behold, gaze upon Him!)
⁃ Engage the Lord with worship, and prayer.
- Join in the flow and theme of what the dwell team is feeling. 

What is Dwell not?
- Dwell is a corporate worship gathering with no agenda, and as such should not replace your personal “daily bread” prayer time with the Lord.  
- Dwell is not a replacement for church service attendance.
- Dwell is not a replacement for discipleship. 
- Dwell is not, by default, a time for intercessory prayer for needs. 
Follow the Holy Spirit and flow with the team.
- While praying for one another is common, Dwell is not a time to bring your personal ministry to other people.  Please do not preach, teach, read any articles, etc.  
- If you feel a prophetic word for another person,
please respectfully wait until they invite you to speak with them.  

What if I don't sing or play an instrument?
⁃ Be yourself & obey what God is asking of you (reading bible, dancing, or soaking)

How long is Dwell?
⁃ We schedule 1 hour blocks but times may go a little longer.  

Who is Dwell for?
- Anyone with a heart for God.

What do I bring?
 ⁃ Yourself! You don't have to bring anything but we recommend a bible and a journal.

Why is Dwell important?
⁃ God’s desire is to be with His children... that’s you and me!  
- Communing with Him is our highest priority and highest ministry as a church.  

When & Where is Dwell? 
⁃ Tuesday & Thursday at 12PM in the auditorium .
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