Hosting His presence and ministering to the Lord.

Dwell is a time that we pray, worship and seek to be a "dwelling place" where God is welcome and honored. This concept was developed from a time when the Lord asked us as a church "Will you be my dwelling place?" Since then, it has become the highest priority in our church, and we want to be a generation that dwells with Him as He dwells with us. We want to give you the opportunity to partner with us as we establish even more times to corporately gather as a church family to pour out radical love for God.

Prayer, worship, live sets with variations of musicians and singers, playlists on a smartphone, are just a few types of what Dwell can look like. There are a variety of styles of Dwell, what we are after is a corporate release of the presence of God daily through our prayer, worship, and ministry to the Lord. Check out the times below to find a time that works for you.


Sunday - 9AM
Monday - 9AM + *12PM
Tuesday - 9AM + *12PM
Wednesday - *9AM + *12PM
Thursday - 9AM + 12PM + *6PM
Friday - *12PM + 6PM
Saturday - *9AM
*Denotes Dwell times with live worship.
Dwells Sunday - Thursday are in the auditorium.
Dwells Friday & Saturday are in the family room.