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We believe a person’s destiny does not exist solely within themselves,
but that our lives and purposes are all connected. This is why it's so important
to be connected with a community of people with a common purpose.
We say “when you find your family, you find your destiny”.


Dwelling Place Church finds its purpose in revealing the goodness of God from our city to the world.
Our mission is to bring people to the Father's love, Jesus' Salvation, and the Holy Spirit's power. We are from many backgrounds, united together as messengers of hope. We live to make Him famous.

Dwelling Place Church is deeper than just our mission statement - we have become a family.
Our family is exceedingly diverse, and definitely not perfect, but we come together as one spiritual family to worship JESUS. In Him we have found everything we need and seek to create a place where all people can experience the love of God for themselves in a real way. We desire to come together and become a dwelling place for God. Worship is our priority, and we are passionate about His presence because we know that we were created to have a relationship with Him.

Have you been desiring to encounter God on a deeper level? Are you looking for the encouragement that comes with being connected to a healthy community? Are you looking for a church with real people, serving God in real ways, that is making a real impact in our world? Don’t wait any longer, join us this weekend!


If you would like more information about our church or if you have a prayer request you can call us during the week or send us an email.
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